Adam Jackson

Edward Adam Jackson, known to friends and family as Adam has been in the Marine Aquarium hobby since he was 16 years old, designing his first tank, a custom in wall 170 gallon reef system with automated water changes in his parents home.

Not long after he joined the Wetwebmedia.Com crew under the tutelage of Bob Fenner, author of the Conscientious Marine Aquarist.  Adam has also published several articles in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and a few other publications.

His resume includes being a Husbandry intern at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, a consultant for JBJ-USA and an aquarist for Exotic Reef Imports.


Joseph Caparatta

As the owner of UniqueCorals.com, Manhattan Aquariums, and New York Aquarium Service, Joseph Caparatta is well known for his hands-on approach and vast knowledge of all things aquaria, with a strong emphasis and passion for reef life.  He has been a fixture in the industry for over two decades, you can usually find him exhibiting or speaking at various shows and events around the country.
Unique Corals, the 6000sf warehouse facility in Los Angeles specializes in the importing, retailing and wholesaling of sustainably collected corals as well as inhouse coral propogation.  Unique Corals is the first company to have Triton ICP Test and Triton Products available in the US and is handling the US distribution and teaching of the products and methodology.  You can find out more at www.UniqueCorals.comwww.Triton-US.com.  Joe is greatly looking forward to speaking with you at the event.

Shawn Sabey


Brad Boyle

Brad is the CMO of SeaQuest
Seaquest Interactive Aquarium Utah- Coming summer/fall 2016! Over 20,000 square feet of thousands of species!
Interact with stingrays, sharks, and other marine life; feed exotic birds, caiman alligators, and reptiles from all over the planet.