Aquascaping Contest

We are still looking for a few people to participate in the MWRF Aquascaping Competition.

You will remember last year that we had  contestants put together 10 different aquascaping themes.
Well this year we’re at it again.  We’ll still have everything necessary to put together a rockin’ reef scape.  CARIBSEA is again sponsoring the event by providing loads of sand and rock in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Sizes of tanks for the competition will be announced soon.
Here’s what you do:
Using the materials provided (or bring some from home) create a traditional, whimsical, fantastical, minimalistal, (whatever) aquascape perfect for the tank. The only real rule is that you must use the tank provided – other than that its a no-holds-barred, free-for-all.  Heck, you could even do all the aquascaping work at home (think gorilla glue) and just show up and exchange your finished tank for the empty one.
Here’s what you get:
First – the pleasure of showcasing your talents at the Reef Fest. Second – the possibility of being crowned the bestest ‘scaper in Utah.  Third – the entire contents of your tank are yours to keep (including the tank), Fourth – a heartfelt “thanks” for participating in this MWRF event.
Judges: Will Be announced soon. 
So – are you in? go to and contact jeremyw on the forum to get signed up.


Thanks to Carib Sea for the Rock and Sand!